creative and strategic visioning for your company and your concept

HWH is a fully engaged partner in the development of the strategic vision for your company, new development, existing hospitality asset, and major restaurant and bar projects. Our commitment and accountability allow us to be the long-term thinkers and short-term solution finders to maximize the financial performance of your hospitality portfolio. We have brought to life–or brought back to life–individual outlets, departments, and brands that have both local and global impact. We stick with it and see it through, from initial thoughts until the anniversary celebrations.

Process Includes:  Concept Vision | Culinary Menu Development | Cocktail / Beverage Development | Brand Experience Concepting


highly integrated project development

For your hospitality venture, HWH starts at the very beginning, driving the process and setting the vision. We provide access to the most appropriate strategic partnerships, chefs/restauranteurs, and gifted bar operators. Our in-house talent pool and search partner supply the optimum human capital. We build budgets and create realistic timelines with truly feasible logistics.

Process Includes: Strategic Vision | Partner Selection | Team Coordination


successful design creation to carry the vision

HWH creates brands that work–with our designers or yours. We drive the brand development and design processes, and can also provide a stable of firms to assist in the process. We ensure that the initial vision remains congruent and shines through.

Process Includes:  Designer Selection | Design Direction | Brand Management


comprehensive, 360-degree brand development

HWH builds concepts through a strategic brand lens. Our work touches every aspect of the process, from name generation and identity concept creation through uniforms, messaging, and advertising. Using our strategic branding partner or yours, we include food and bar menu content development with detailed descriptions.

Process Includes:  Strategic Branding | Naming | Brand Concepting | Brand Rollout


food and beverage operations

HWH delivers action. We manage construction schedules, operating and pre-opening budgets, critical paths. We train, open, and help to manage your ongoing operations. With us, the food is on-point, for every shift and for every guest. Beverages are relevant and smart. Profits are realized, and vision is achieved.

Process Includes:  Critical Paths | POB | Training & Opening


marketing and public relations

HWH works with your social media, marketing, and public relations teams, or bolsters your resources with our own partner firms. We develop the story lines and direct the manner in which they are told and the messages are received–a key component of any brand launch.

Process Includes:  Marketing Strategy | Public Relations Messaging Strategy | Web Direction | Social Media Direction


talent and team building

HWH manages–and micro-manages–the talent. Building a successful team that is committed to the vision and unified in drive is both a core value and a key strength of HWH. We know what it takes to make the concept work, oftentimes better than anyone else. To this end, we tap our extensive network for the right people to fill all key roles, working with your HR team and our search partner. We also bring strength and leadership training to existing staff, making sure they are well-trained and re-invigorated. Top talent is now seeking out opportunities to work with HWH and on HWH projects.

Process Includes:  Research | Interviews | Placement | Training